Values, Vision, Mission & Philosphy



In 2010, the City of Asotin began a journey toward becoming a values-based organization, with less reliance on policies and ‘rules’. To further this effort, municipal staff and City Council have embraced the values of teamwork, integrity and excellence.

TEAMWORK: We will work together, demonstrating collaboration through mutual reliability, openness and flexibility to accomplish our goals.

INTEGRITY: We will demonstrate an uncompromising allegiance to the core values of honesty, respect for others, loyalty, consistency, accountability and sincerity.

EXCELLENCE: We will deliver a superior level of commitment, responsiveness, performance and provision of services to all, with the attitude that everything is worth our best effort.


Asotin is a progressive, safe and family-friendly community that welcomes diversity. It is noted for excellence in  education, recreation, tourism, and citizen participation. This dynamic city, situated on the Snake River, actively supports opportunities for economic development that are in harmony with the area’s unique natural resources.


The City of Asotin is responsible for furnishing cost-effective services and well-maintained facilities, safeguarding the public and property, enhancing the community’s favorable quality of life, protecting Asotin’s natural environment and sustaining a health, growing economy for all to enjoy.


  • We, the members of the Asotin Police Department:
  • Believe the protection of life is our number one priority.
  • Believe that officer safety is paramount.
  • Will respect and protect the rights and dignity of all persons and utilize the utmost in courtesy and compassion in every contact we make.
  • Will strive for excellence in the delivery of police services and will utilize training, technology and innovation to accomplish our goal.
  • Recognize the department’s relationship with the community it serves and be sensitive to citizen and business concerns, priorities and needs.
  • We believe Asotin is a unique community in that we have a state highway running through our city, we have an outstanding school system, a growing residence area, are neighbors to the city of Clarkston and Lewiston, and we are an important part of our community’s successes.
  • We believe that crime prevention, problem solving, and intervention are normally preferred to strict enforcement but, when enforcement is called for, the enforcement is done impartially throughout the community.
  • Recognize the individual worth of each of its members.
  • We strive to support, develop and encourage every member to their potential.
  • To partner with the Asotin School District to provide a quality environment for learning in our schools.
  • To partner with youth of our community and instill the true values and wholesomeness they deserve.
  • To have all officers take active roles in our community.